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Your favorite herbs,
picked fresh from local growers,
packed in a convenient cube size
and ready to use in any dish.


Delicious seasoning blends,
from the field to the fork.
All-natural flash frozen cubes
that can charge your
ordinary meal with an
unforgettable taste.


Rejuvenate your body and
soul with a flash frozen cube
of green superfoods that will
charge any dish with super
healthy healing powers.


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  • Chopped Parsley

    Our chopped parsley cubes
    will flavor up any dish –
    from soups, stews, meats,
    poultry to fish, vegetables
    and salads.
    A must have in
    every home!

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  • red spicy curry

    Turn an ordinary rice into
    an exotic dish with our
    red spicy curry cubes. 
    For a taste that lasts long
    after the table is cleared!

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  • moringa

    This green superfood blend
    with its medicinal properties
    and health benefits will recharge
    your body and soul.
    Add to any dish
    for a wholly healthy life.

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  • Chopped Coriander

    Healthy freshly picked
    chopped coriander.
    A perfect addition to your
    Indian, Middle Eastern,
    and Asian meals…

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  • Chopped Garlic

    Quick-frozen straight from
    the field, these chopped
    Garlic Cubes are an
    excellent addition to any
    dish – for better health
    and super taste!

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  • turmeric & coriander

    Two exotic flavors
    blend together in this
    flash frozen cube
    to add a touch of far
    east flavor to any meal.

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  • olive oil & tomato

    The classic seasoning,
    olive oil and tomato mix.
    Your pasta and rice dishes
    won’t be able
    to thank you enough!

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  • mixed herbs

    The ultimate blend
    mixed herb seasoning,
    all freshly picked and quick
    frozen to spice up and
    upgrade literally any recipe.

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  • chopped basil

    Used in cuisines worldwide,
    our fresh frozen
    chopped basil cubes are an essential
    addition to your pizza,
    salads, and sauces.
    Always fresh and tasty!

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